Lately, we’ve been getting pretty tired of the “burnt out” OC skate spots. When we reference “burnt” we literally mean we have a hard time listing a trick that hasn’t been done. The worst feeling is taking the time and  liberty to land a trick and then someone mentions that it may not be useable because [insert pro name here] landed the same exact trick back in 2003.


In turn, we hopped in the box and decided to go on an adventure. The crew rolled out to the Valley to check out a few spots with our friend Manny. Long story short, we made it to Valley then received a pin to the spot we were going to meet up at… which wasn’t in the Valley. We were in the wrong part of town so we headed to Calabasas to meet up with the crew. It’s about 2:30pm at this point and the little homie Vito just woke up from his nap as we all slowly get out of the car to stretch our legs. Kane gets well acquainted with the rail and decided to call it after getting a clean backside feeble. Mikey battled the spot for some time and walked away with the “W”. After a quick bite to eat at Chipotle & Panda, we hit Paul’s infamous training facility for some more after hours training and fun times. The day came to a close and we headed back to our respective area code to relax. The weekend is what you make it.. and quite frankly the best times are just going for it and having no expectations of how the day will end up. Good times and many more ahead. Over and out.



P-Rod with the textbook FS 5050. Photo: @Custodiophoto


Kane coming in hot with the feeble. Photo: @Jacobmessex


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