Today, Wheel Pros LLC launched the evolution of its Rockstar by KMC Wheels, the Rockstar III. The groundbreaking design of the Rockstar III allows its consumers to customize their wheels with off-the-shelf accessories, providing a level of ease to customization that has not yet been available to the industry. Its clean five-spoke design is complemented by the dimension of a mid-lip step with 25 different attachment points that allows for any unique combination you can imagine by changing out the inserts.


“Rockstar customers are rule-breakers, always looking for original ways to stand out from the crowd. Their wheels are essentially a reflection of their personality,” commented Jody Groce, President at Wheel Pros. “In developing the Rockstar III, KMC Wheels sought to deliver an economically as well as technically accessible alternative that would put the creative freedom in the customer’s hands.”

At approximately $230 to change the look of all four wheels, the price of nearly limitless customization options is now available at a fraction of the cost. The standard accessory included is the matte black mid spoke inserts; split spoke and ring inserts are sold separately. A mid spoke kit is $50 per wheel, a split spoke is $55 per wheel, a ring is $40 per wheel and the stars are $30 for a full set. The kits include a wrench tool specifically designed to remove and replace accessories.


The Rockstar III is available in 17” to 22” diameters with offsets and bolt patterns for all popular Jeep, truck and SUV in both lifted, leveled, non-lifted and extreme lifted applications. Standard finishes include matte black and matte black machine; custom finishes available through the online Custom Shop. Accessory colors are available in red, gloss black, matte black, white, chrome, yellow, orange, green and blue.

The Rockstar III and its accessories are available to purchase today. To find a local dealer, visit


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